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Building a successful startup is hard, but finding the right people to develop your software product is perhaps even more difficult. That is why we offer a partnership with us. We are your technical co-founder & interim-CTO.
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Bytecode as tech co-founder & CTO

Many startup founders, like you, are trying to find the right technical partner to develop their MVP. However, finding one is a treasure hunt. Agencies are expensive, tech founders are rare and difficult to retain, and outsourcing is time-consuming. Besides, many “partners” are only in it for the money. But: here you are! You have found us. Bytecode is a technical partner and CTO for startups that invest in your startup (idea). We love to assist you through every stage of your journey with development, strategy, and design.

Software experts with a passion for startups

We understand that you want to have dedicated team members on who you can rely. We imagine that you don’t have the resources to hire a whole team and a CTO. That is why we would love to be your technical co-founder and CTO. We often invest in the startups we work with, to strengthen our collaboration and ease your financial stress! It makes MVP development more affordable and ensures you have a tech team that’s in it for the long run.
Together, let's find out the ideal user experience and goals for your future customers and create your startup and digital product!
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How do we wanna work together?

As a team, no client-agency relationship
Learning and improving on the way
Working with passionate founders

Our process

What steps lead to a first working version of your concept? How do you improve and optimize your MVP? The following steps will give you a clear overview of our process.
lines of process


Identify a problem, come up with a solution, and get acquainted with the market.

Learn from our users

•  Send surveys
•  Perform interviews
•  Optimize and improve


Determine what to develop and what the user's minimal requirements are to reach their goal.


•  Create a user flow and experience
•  Draft a user interface
•  Prototype

MVP Development

Create a first working version of your concept or add new features. 2-week sprints. Alpha and beta tests. Deployment and live.

Meet the start-up founders!

Startup founder suzanschouten


The platform for all young people from high school to university education. YoungPWR helps young adults to find paid learning projects (clients), a side job, or an internship.
Startup founder tessvanlogtestijn
Startup founder pienvanlogtestijn


Facilitates people on their medical or health journey to share their stories with friends, family, and acquaintances. In this way, they can better experience the connecting power of openness and support.
Startup founder pietervanderoest
Startup founder quirinewissink


A social enterprise that strives to normalize loss and grief and create more social awareness in order to make the transition as a society to a caring community.
Startup founder jankeesvanhasselt
Startup founder elkeschulting
Startup founder annemariegeysen


Is an organizational consulting firm specialized in organizational design, job evaluation, and rewards.
Startup founder jantenkate
Startup founder danielvandrunen


An app for ordering drinks and snacks via a mobile app at any event or festival. When an order is ready for pickup, users receive a notification.

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